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Sanagapindi (Besan, Gram Flour) : 1 kg

Panchadaara (Shakkar, Sugar) : 2 kg

Bellam (Godh, Jaggery) : 50 grams

Nune (Thel, Oil) : 1 kg

Neyyi (Ghee) : 1/4 kg

Yeelakalu (Ilachi, Cardamoms) : 10

Pacha Karpooram (Kacha Karpoor, Borneo-Campho) : Pinch

Jeedipappu (Kaju, Cashew Nuts) : 10- 15

Chakrala Giddelu : For preparing Chakralu


Step 1 : Mix sanagapindi with water with medium thickness

Step 2 : Heat oil in a pan, mean while

Insert thick senagapindi paste into chakrala gidde

Step 3 : Slowly leave chakralu into oil, fry them till it turns yellow color

Step 4 : After preparing full chakralu, blend them in to smooth powder

Step 5 : Heat 2 kg panchadara, 50 gms bellam in 1/2 ltr water, reamin it for 10min after bubbles come

Step 6 : Off the stove, add blended powder, pinch of pacha karpooram, yelukalaka powder, neyyi to paakam

Step 7 : Mix thoroughly, take that mixture in small quantities in a vessel and mix it well again

Step 8 : Let it cool, apply little ghee to your hand and prepare it in round shape like laddu

Garnish with fried jeedipappu on laddu

Delicious Thokkudu Laddu is ready to serve :)







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